Dysautonomia SOS empowers people impacted by Dysautonomia. We do this by raising public awareness, connecting patients with local resources, and furthering advancements in research and treatment.


About Us



Mailing Address: PO Box 66164, Virginia Beach, VA 23466

Dysautonomia SOS is a nonprofit organization created out of an urgent need to serve the dysautonomia population in Virginia, Maryland, and DC, as well as to provide free information for patients and medical professionals WORLDWIDE.

Our tagline is “Searching Out Solutions,” and our primary areas of focus include improving education for both patients and medical professional, and improving treatment options.  We have a team of volunteers and professionals ready to help us achieve our goals.  Our area of expertise encompasses POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and other Orthostatic Intolerance disorders (including NMS/NCS/Vasovagal Syncope). We also provide in-depth information and links to resources about the other forms of dysautonomia and associated/co-morbid conditions.  


As mentioned, a primary function of the organization is the education of patients, families, medical professionals/students, and the public in general about these conditions. We will provide free medically reviewed printable and/or pre-printed materials that all of the aforementioned persons can utilize to decrease diagnosis time, increase treatment options, and educate the public in places where dysautonomia patients are affected, such as homes, schools, the workplace, and emergency medical facilities. 

Dysautonomia SOS promotes POTS as a syndrome rather than as a disease, or necessarily a final diagnosis to be taken lightly or minimized.  POTS is caused by something, be it hypovolemia or autonomic neuropathy (among many things), and we will help patients and medical professionals/students learn to diligently and consistently pursue the underlying cause(s) of POTS. We will promote this not only to rule out dangerous conditions that can mimic or cause POTS, but also to improve treatment with targeted options based on a patient’s clinical presentation, rather than as a “one size fits all” treatment view.  

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